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Take A Trip To Fish Eye Grill And You Won’t Regret It

Girard, GA is a small town 45 minutes outside of Augusta with one restaurant - and it's worth the drive.

We’re all here because we love good food. Those of us that are serious about it don’t mind investing in the best experiences we can find. We’ll invest our money on a special ingredient. We’ll invest our emotions with the anticipation of that first bite. We’ll invest our time reading reviews, analyzing menus, and even taking the time to make the drive. In this case, the drive is 45 minutes outside of Augusta. The question is, “is it worth it?”

Let us introduce you to Girard, Georgia. Girard is in Burke County and is the very definition of a small town. From Augusta, you’ll hop on Mike Padgett Highway and head towards International Paper. A little while later you’ll see a sign that will let you know that Highway 23 is just ahead on the left. You’re going to want to take that left. Over the course of the next 20 miles you’ll experience the serenity of Georgia’s finest agriculture and technology. Farm land that has been handed down from generation to generation. Cattle farms with bovines galore. Gorgeous dove fields and hunting properties teeming with wildlife. You’ll even pass (at a distance) the innovative work happening at Plant Vogtle. Shortly after you pass the second gas station, you know you’re almost there. Welcome to the only restaurant in Girard, the Fish Eye Grill.

A small town with just the one restaurant, you’d think they could serve basic meals and still have a strong following. Well, you’d be right. However, Fish Eye is anything but basic. The kitchen at Fish Eye has a classically trained chef delivering some of the best cuisine in the CSRA. Let’s walk through what we enjoyed at our recent meal in this town that you may not have heard of until now.

We started with a Lobster Ravioli. Creamy filling, perfectly cooked pasta, topped with an exquisitely prepared creamy sauce. And yes, each ravioli was garnished with nothing short of a nicely seared shrimp. Each bite is savory but maintains a light mouth feel. Excellent dish.

Next was the bone-in pork chop with roasted broccoli and potatoes. The pork chop was juicy, full of flavor and was glazed with something only the chef knows – but it was delicious. While every bite of this dish was incredible, there was a sleeper accoutrement on this plate. That beautiful sauce in that standard ramekin. It was something close to what I think will be served in the afterlife. Sweet chili goodness you could drizzle over shoe leather and still moan in delight.

We moved on to the 20 ounce ribeye served with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli. First of all, 20 ounces? Yes, a full 20 ounces of red meat perfection. As with any good steak, you just enhance with salt and pepper and let the grill master do his work. Don’t think franchise steak. Think about responsibly raised cattle, premier beef selection, a well seasoned grill and a local chef that puts his heart into everything he cooks. Prove me wrong on this fact.

Our journey didn’t end there. Next up was a healthy portion of chilean sea bass with some magical butter dollop served with roasted potatoes and pickled veggies. Now, let me slow down for a second because I want to make sure my words are clear. Cooked perfectly? Yes. Seasoned perfectly? Yes. But, I wrapped my arms around this dish like a prisoner protecting his food in a crowded chow hall. I know, the imagery is rough. But, I would fight to make sure that entire dish was mine. As indelicate as it may sound, I would have shoved that entire serving of fish into my mouth and then ordered another one to savor. We don’t have words in our dictionary to describe how good this simple piece of fish is. You literally have to try it for yourself. Add it to your bucket list.

At this point, our taste buds have called for a time-out to recover. Our bellies are full. Our entire experience is completely satisfied. We can go home happy and eager to return. But, then the chef walks over with a knowing grin, “You guys like key lime pie?” Pictures won’t do this pie justice. One serving is enough for two people. The key lime filling was bright and refreshing, exactly what you would expect. But, then something happens when you hit that crust. This isn’t your typical graham cracker crush. There’s something happening below that filling that is really quite special. I don’t know what it was, how it was made, or what ingredients were involved. But, I promise you, they could serve just the crust as it’s own dessert and you’d be willing to pay twice what they are asking.

Small town, big flavors. If you’ve been to Fish Eye before then you know every word here is true. If you haven’t been yet, then it’s time to get yourself and all the people you love down to Girard, GA. You will talk about these meals on the entire drive back home. So, is it worth it? Absolutely, yes.

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