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Southwestern Spin with Southern Funky Soul

Whether you're searching for a new date night spot, hanging with friends, or up for making new ones, SouthBound Smokehouse has the recipe for a good time. Come-as-you-are for good food, good people, and good music.

When it comes to going out, some would consider me a creature of habit. If that means my habits are a genuine recipe of come-as-you-are vibes, good food, good people, and good music – then consider me guilty as charged. SouthBound Smokehouse has all of my creature comforts wrapped up in slow-smoked perfection.

Tucked perfectly in the midst of mid-town Augusta, SouthBound is a quaint, vibe-a-licious joint where cold cans and sweet jams complement some of the finest smoked viddles in town. From its namesake to signature dishes, it’s clear that music is a foundational ingredient that crafts the SouthBound culture and experience. The atmosphere at SouthBound is one of straight-up camaraderie at its finest. Feel free to hang on the porch, dine in the front yard, party in the back lodge, or gather in the living room. When you’re there, you’re part of the family.

You know you’ve come to the right place when, as soon as you walk through the front door, you’re greeted with an homage to Mr. SouthBound himself, Greg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band. The walls are plastered with locally designed gig posters and eclectic relics of legendary artists that fuel the vibe. On any given night, the live music is sure to be nothing short of incredible. Honestly, you never have to wonder if the live music is going to be less than stellar which is a salute to the owners’ lineage and legacies steeped in the music realms. In fact, members of the legendary Augusta band, In Like Flynn, can be seen working throughout the establishment – whether it be on the soundboard, in the kitchen, or front of the house, the recipe for a good time is always on point. From local, regional, and national artists/bands, every night is tapped with a perfect groove and grit to complement the laidback gathering of common souls who enjoy this venue with a menu.

Oh and the food? Yes, the menu is stacked with all kinds of smoked goodness with a southwestern spin wrapped in southern, funky soul. From bowls, platters, hand-helds to fresh greens and munchies, there’s enough to satisfy the masses. I typically kick it off right with a munchie order of the Soul Rolls (smoked chicken and cheese with roasted black bean salsa served spring roll style) and the Smokehouse Pimento Cheese, a traditional Augusta staple mixed with a rhythm section of jalapeños.

For the main event, Devil Wings are a must – I literally crave them. Ten slow-smoked chicken wings, seasoned to perfection and tossed in house-made Friend of the Devil sauce for some added kick. Not into heat? Not to worry, you can dial it down with options like the Famous or Almost Famous style. I’ve never considered myself a wing snob, but it’s near impossible to top these. When the only evidence left is a pile of sauce soaked napkins, that’s when you know it’s time to party.

Whether you are flyin’ solo, on a date, chillin’ with friends, or up for making new ones, SouthBound Smokehouse sets the stage. No matter where you’re from, this place is familiar.

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