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On The Half Shell

Elevate your dining experience at Becks. We guarantee you'll be reserving your table by the time you're done reading this.

When I think of modern-day eateries in Augusta, one name comes to mind – John Beck. With an outstanding culinary vision and palate, he has definitely gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional food to our city.

Although not new to a seasoned Augustan, today I am diving into Becks. Located on Kings Way in midtown, Becks offers the quintessential neighborhood dining experience that we all long for and appreciate.

For starters, one word — OYSTERS. With a variety of oysters from Prince Edward Island, Massachusetts, and Maine (to name a few), their oyster bar is certain to dish out the perfect complement to your dirty martini (blue cheese olives, of course!) My personal favorite? Johns River; Briny with an overall fruity finish.

And I can’t discuss oysters without complementary elements and accouterments that may just have you ordering another dozen on the half shell.

Let’s break this down. While there are endless ways to consume oysters, I like to keep it simple when constructing the proper bite. In this order: slight lemon squeeze, followed by cocktail sauce and horseradish. Don’t forget, saltines are always welcome to the party.

It is also very important to not take away from the true flavor, so a drop of each is all you need!

Every now and then we like to explore the spicier side of flavor. Let me introduce you to Becks signature Jalapeño Ginger Margarita. Only the freshest squeezed lime juice with jalapeño and ginger notes to leave you feeling refreshed. The zesty cocktail pairs famously with their pimento cheese hushpuppies – don’t forget about the chile sauce for dipping. I could talk about the small plates on their menu all day, but let’s move on to the main course.

This next menu item is for all you meat lovers out there. Have you ever feasted your eyes on such a sight of bone-in pork chop perfection? For this particular dish, John decided to jazz it up by serving it atop of his slow-smoked Boston butt that is then stacked on top of a grit cake, caramelized onions, and peppers. This is all finished off with a red wine barbecue sauce. Also accompanying this duo is a fresh side of hearty broccolini for some flavor balancing. With a variety of wine selections on their menu, I highly suggest a bottle of Pinot Noir to pair with this dish. Specifically, the Meomi or the Belle Glos.

If you haven’t already stopped reading this to reserve a table, by all means don’t let me keep you any longer. Be sure not to limit yourself to a booth or table. Their bar and oyster bar are sure to elevate your dining experience!

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