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Hot, Haute Doughnuts

Chef Jeremy Miller and his wife Cara bring delicious vegan doughnuts and pastries to the CSRA. With limited-edition flavors like Banana Pudding, Cookies & Cream, Orange Pistachio, and Birthday Cake 2.0 - they go FAST. Get 'em while they're Haute.

I’m lucky to be married to someone who is willing to drive 30 minutes each way on a Sunday morning for doughnuts. I even made us leave early because I was worried there would be a long line before they even opened – something that turned out to be a valid concern. Haute Doughnuts has only been around for a few months but already the word has spread about their vegan pastries and showing up 15 minutes early barely kept us from being at the back of a line that was so long it wound back around the corner of the building.

Baking is a science with very specific rules and creating vegan doughnuts can be difficult as it requires the modifying of ingredients like traditional butter. After a year or so of experimenting and tweaking though, Chef Jeremy Miller and his wife Cara had created a recipe that was just as good as any conventional doughnut, if not better. They’ve applied their expertise to classic doughnuts like Plain Glazed, Chocolate Old Fashioned, and Cinnamon Rolls but continue to draw customers for their innovative and creative rotating flavors like Cookies & Cream, Orange Pistachio, and Birthday Cake 2.0. Follow along on Instagram at @hautedoughnuts to keep up with limited edition treats like vegan Cookie Dough and the best scratch-made Pop Tarts you’ve ever had!

With Jeremy’s years of experience as a chef and he and Cara’s years eating and cooking as vegans, they are the perfect pair to bring a vegan bakery business to the area. They’re currently serving up doughnuts and pastries at Ubora Coffee Roasters on Sunday mornings starting at 10am. Based on our experience I highly recommend showing up a little early to stand in line or even pre-ordering to pickup through their website or by sending an email to

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